Latriel is the largest and most populated continent in Mithgar. It’s ruled equally by both Patriarch Elohim and Emperor Tyre. The Patriarch governs over the people while the Emperor governs over the military and industry. The two share a strong, public bond of friendship and because of that, Latriel has blossomed underneath the rule of the two rulers.

Latriel used to be contested by two large empires, the north led by the Church and the south by the Monarch, although the two empires never declared war on each other before the merge there was a significant amount of sabotage and attempted assassinations against both respective sides. The most important event being the Fall of Emperor Lionheart.

After many years of separation the two empires decided to merge and rule side by side under the new rule of Emperor Tyre. Many of the citizens still remain in the north and south and a prejudice still exists between many citizens of the empire, especially at the farthest reaches of the continent.

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