• Archmage Reneva

    Archmage Reneva

    Archmage Reneva is the leader of the Circle of Magi in Deltran. A mysterious woman who takes everything seriously and only looks towards the progress of Mage equality.
  • Bishop Anne Nightengale

    Bishop Anne Nightengale

    Bishop Nightengale has been serving the church her entire life and is devoted to spreading the Makers message. Some people call her a fanatic or misguided.
  • Emperor Lionheart

    Emperor Lionheart

    The late Emperor was assassinated by the church. Known for his bottomless courage and amazing leadership ability he led the Empire in it's expansion to the north.
  • Emperor Tyre

    Emperor Tyre

    Emperor Tyre is one of the leaders of the Empire of Latriel. Hebelieves in a strong fist equals a strong economy. A military-first mindset keeps the Empire constantly vigilant.
  • Garret Mayweather

    Garret Mayweather

    Garret is the leader of the small organization called Bahamut who experiment with Techmaturgy to create new and interesting weaponry.
  • Keeper Zevran

    Keeper Zevran

    Keeper Zevran is the leader of Zokkan and is the only voice that the Elves have in high court. He always has the best intentions of the Elves in mind although his power is limited.
  • Patriarch Elohim

    Patriarch Elohim

    Patriarch Elohim is one of the leaders of the Empire of Latriel and believes he serves a higher purpose although he has never specifically said he has spoken with God, many people assume he has.
  • Templar Commander Jondar

    Templar Commander Jondar

    The Templar Commander is a stern, no-nonsense fellow. He has only hatred for mages and magic and because of that he is extra harsh with the Circle of Magi.
  • Tirion Isle

    Tirion Isle

    Tirion Isle is the owner of Alevere and is a strong representative of peace and figuring out things with money or diplomacy.
  • Veratas


    This Smith of Bahamut is a rather quirky and astute man, short in stature but makes up for it in explosions.
  • Viscount Ash Stonehammer

    Viscount Ash Stonehammer

    This dwarf is heavily set in tradition and dwarven culture. His goal of this city is to excavate and uncover ancient runes and artifacts of his ancestors.
  • Viscount Eredar Galliwyx

    Viscount Eredar Galliwyx

    Viscount Galliwyx is a rather pompous and large old half-orc. He governs the city of Helos and is known for his will to do anything (even criminal) to make a profit.
  • Viscount Hektor Flamewaker

    Viscount Hektor Flamewaker

    The Viscount for the city of Antit. He is highly supportive of any sort of Tech and will go out of his way to fund anything that could forward the City of Progress.
  • Viscount Weylon Planewalker

    Viscount Weylon Planewalker

    This Viscount governs over the City of Magic, Deltran. He is of firm belief that Mages are plagues to the world and should be imprisoned and fully supports the brutality that the Templars employ. He is a stubborn man and rarely ever changes his mind.
  • Viscountess Victoria Westwing

    Viscountess Victoria Westwing

    Viscountess Westwing is a beautiful lady who stands as a figure of importance in the expansion movement of Latriel into the Fire Lands.